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Communications for Living


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Learn how to communicate in a proper manner with others.   College: BEST Address: Adult Education Service, Mountain Park, Old Bawn, Tallaght Class time: 9.30 – 11 Level: FETAC Level:2


Free Morning, Afternoon or Evening classes.   College: Dublin Adult Learning Centre Address: 3 Mountjoy Square, Dublin:1, City Level: FETAC Cert Entry requirement: Over 18

Special Needs Assistant

Interview. Admission Ph:4507779. Recruiting for an assistant.   College: Greenhills College Address:  Limekiln Ave, Dublin:12, Walkinstown Level: FETAC Level:2. DHSXX Entry Requirements: Interview

Outdoor Recreation with Leadership Skills

Application form and Interview from March and Aug/Sept. Admission Ph:4507779   College: Greenhills College Address: Limekiln Ave, Dublin:12, Walkinstown Level: FETAC Level:2. DOREC Entry requirement: Mature Student



Tuesday. A class to help individuals make a friendly relationship with each other and the outside people.   College: Greenhills College Address:  Limekiln Ave, Dublin:12, Walkinstown Class time: 7.30 – 9.30 Level: Intermediate Duration: 10 Weeks Cost: €143.00

Change Your Life


Find your true potential. Learn to relax.   College: TACT Address: St. Dominics NS, St. Dominics Rd, Dublin:24, Tallaght Class Time: 9.45 – 11.15 Duration: 10 weeks Cost: €65

Reception Module

This course provides you of a FETAC Level 5 Certificate. Reception is a very important area to be developed, which involves the action of admitting someone to a place, group, or institution or the process of being admitted. Cost: Free

Work Experience


This course provides you of a FETAC Level 5 Certificate. Working experience is the experience gained while working in a specific field or occupation, in which is possible to learn and have more knowledge about the area of interest. Cost: Free

Social Studies


This course provides you of a FETAC Level 5 Certificate. Social Studies is defined by the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities and history. It provides systematic studies through disciplines as antropology, economics and archaeology. Cost: Free



This course provides you of a FETAC Level 3 or 5 Certificate. Communication is the exchange of information by speaking, writing, or many other mediums. The basic parts of communication are the forming of communicative intent, message composition, encoding and decoding, transmission and reception of signal, and interpretation of the message by the recipient. Cost: Free