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Accounting Technician

Admission Ph:4507779. Here the individual will handle the accounting details and learn more about the technical and accounting side.   College: Greenhills College Address: Limekiln Ave, Dublin:12, Walkinstown Level: IATI Foundation Level

Business through Computers

No fees. Application and interview Aug/Sept. Admission Ph:4507779. Work Placement   College: Greenhills College Address:  Limekiln Ave, Dublin:12, Walkinstown Level: ECDL, FIT, MOS, FETAC Entry requirement: Interest in Technology

Computers 1, 2 and 3


This is for Beginners, Internet and Email and Improvers. Monday. T6 PAYE System, explanation of Forms – Calculating gross pay. PRSI (Beginners). Monday. Office 2003. Intro to the Internet (Internet and Email).   College : Greenhills College, Limekiln Ave, Dublin:12, Walkinstown Class Time: Monday 7.30 – 9.30 (all) Level: Beginners (Computers 1),   Internet and Email (Computers 2), Improvers (Computers 3) Duration: 10 weeks Cost: €143.00

Computer Literacy (FETAC Level 4)


Computer Applications Learning Outcomes: 2 The structure of a database 3 The structure of a spreadsheet 4 Identify applications suitable for spreadsheets 5 Identify applications suitable for graphics software 6 Use the terminology appropriate to database software, spreadsheet software and graphics software accurately 7 Use database software to create a database file to include enter and edit data, add new records, delete individual records, add new field to existing record and save 8 Use spreadsheet software to create a spreadsheet to include enter and edit numeric and character data 9 Modify a spreadsheet by inserting and deleting rows and columns, adjusting column widths and formatting column entries 10 Use graphics …
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Computer Literacy (FETAC Level 3)


Learning Outcomes Learners will be able to: 1 .Outline how Information Technology affects everyday life to include social networking, e-commerce, e-Government and e- Learning 2 .Explain commonplace Information Technology concepts and terminology relating to computer types, computer hardware, application software, and the internet 3 .Describe the health, safety and personal hygiene considerations of working with computers 4 .Describe information security considerations including password protection, viruses, and provision of personal details 5 .Outline the functions of the main hardware elements of a computer including input, output and storage devices 6 .Operate computer hardware by performing all required steps including connecting all required devices, and powering up and shutting down equipment appropriately …
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Computers (Basic)


Basic computer class Covers all basic skills