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Bridge for Improvers


Add to your bridge playing skills with this bridge for improvers course. The course lasts for 10 weeks and costs 85.00 euro class times are 11.30-1.30.

English Speakers of Other Languages


English Speakers of Other Languages is a special course, Learning English or improving what you already know is really useful, The best way to learn or improve your English is to take an English for Speakers of Other Languages course. There are free evening and daytime classes available.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy Physiology

This course provides you of a FETAC Level 5 Certificate. This course works with a branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts, as well as the study of how humans and other animals function at all levels. Cost: Free

Care Provision and Practise


This course provides you of a FETAC Level 5 Certificate. It involves the act of providing or supplying something, as well as being prepared for future situations. Also, this module works with the care practise. Cost: Free

Basic Literacy Group

This course provides you of a FETAC Level 3 Certificate. More than the ability to read and write, literacy involves the  knowledge that relates to a specified subject, being a very important field. Cost: Free

Train the Trainer Certificate


This certificate provides everyone who is interested to gain certified (the QQI Level 6 certification) and professional training skills. Cost: Free  

English speakers of other languages (ESOL)


Improving your English, if English isn’t your main language Cost: Free Available evenings and daytime

Family Literacy


Family literacy is a term used to describe parents and children – or more broadly – adults and children – learning together. Also known as intergenerational literacy, and in some cases, community literacy, the rationale underlying such work is that parents (and adults in communities) are children’s first teachers; that much learning occurs beyond traditional school settings, and that learning is a life long process. Cost: Free Available Evenings/daytime

English (Leaving cert)


Leaving cert English level classes free Available daytime/evenings Covers all topics and levels

Maths (Junior cert)


Junior cert maths classes Free Available weekends/weekdays and evenings/daytime Runs in conjunction with the state examinations Caters for all levels Higher/ordinary/foundation